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I apologise for my absence, for anyone out there who enjoy my content. I have a lot of ideas for pictures in my head right now, and I'm currently working on my art style so I can be better at what I do, in spirit of the new year. I have about... seven or eight things underway right now, which I hope to show all of you by the end of January. I also have taken up a new hobby, along with my ceramic pieces, traditional art, and digital work. This will most likely be done around the 25th, so I hope you all can find some enjoyment in what I got coming up! I also have outlines done for the comic as well, I just gotta trudge through the boring introductions before I can really have some fun with it. Anyhow, if you all have suggestions for different art forms I can try out, please let me know. I want my DA to have as much variation in its content as I can!

~Love, The-MadR


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All you need to know about me is that I have a cat. Enough said.


Mary: Go investigate the smell
Well, you were kind of planning on doing that anyway, so... You were going to explain further on the pointlessness if that demand, but in the time it took you to consider such a thing, you already lost interest, and didn't care anymore. Onward to pancakes!

First Page-…
Previous Page-…
Next Page- Coming eventually.
This is BOX! She's a cannibal. :)

Anywho, BOX is the "result" of an experiment performed by the Angringer Foundation (more detail later) concerning how long a person can endure until they resort to cannibalism to survive.

Her design is based somewhat off of the Wendigo, a creature said to have once been human, but became a starved monster after resorting to cannibalism. She escaped from the Angringer Foundation after the first rebellion from D-L3 (a previous picture), and had since then lived in the woods, preying on wandering humans to survive, as the trauma she experienced forced her into believing only human flesh could keep her going.

Originally, BOX was a twelve-year-old girl with self-image problems, and resorted to starving herself in order to make herself more "attractive". She ran away from home after her parents became concerned for her health, and she believed they did not understand. After finding her lost in the woods, agents of the Angringer Foundation abducted her and thus, said experiments were performed. Even after the trauma, a part of her still remained, the part of her that thought she was still ugly somehow. This is where the box comes in. The box and branches, in her mind, serves as a way to disguise this "ugliness" that she no longer knows why is there.

She meets Jeremy out in the forest with D-L3 and at first, tries to eat him. After D-L3 leads Jeremy back home through the window, BOX could no longer follow, out of the instinctual fear of being trapped again. After the second encounter, Jeremy confronts her, attempting to make peace with whatever he had to his disposal, in this case, maple syrup.

Yes. Maple syrup. Ironically, this was the only other thing that BOX would tolerate eating, and through this, Jeremy becomes friends with her.

Similarly to D-L3, she is primarily silent, but uses the occasional rumble to communicate. She has also used a radio as communication by signalling to other stations at precise times to form a coherent sentence.

Let me know if you guys have any confusion over BOX as a character or her story! I'd be happy to answer them!
This is D-L3, he's a character I'm working on in a series called Tadodd Bay. He serves as eight-year-old Jeremy's (a character I am working on) "guide", though Jeremy's mother is unaware of that, assuming the lamp is inanimate. D-L3 is a cat-shaped lamp possessed by the ghost of a boy who had died ten years before Jeremy found the broken pieces to the lamp inside a box in his attic after first moving to Tadodd Bay.

Said lamp was broken during the first internal rebellion against the Angringer Foundation (the foundation responsible for D-L3's death) for their cruel experiments on disabled human beings. D-L3's lamp vessel was shattered by one of the employees, leaving him without a physical form for eight years.

After Jeremy finds him, he and his mother put the lamp back together, unwittingly reviving D-L3. Jeremy soon discovers that the cat lamp is able to move and interact with him, and secretly keeps him as a sort of pet (unaware of D-L3's origin) and only friend until meeting BOX for the first time.

While D-L3, being mute, and Jeremy, being totally blind, have a difficult time properly communicating with one another, they still retains a strong friendship and somewhat communicate through sound repetitions D-L3 makes with his porcelain legs or cord tail.

Sorry this was so long, and that the background is pretty bland. I wanted the drawing to focus on D-L3. ^^; I hope you guys enjoyed the bit of backstory anyway! Let me know if there is any confusion, and I will clarify!
Canrusettuus Run
This is my second animation! This one took a bit longer to make, but I'm happy with the result. The background is black because of editing, and also so the black borders wouldn't be as jarring. This time I used SketchbookX to draw out each frame. I prefer this, personally.

Anywho, here is the template I used:

I arrived to get as far from using the style as I could. I used it mainly as a reference to how to position the legs, really.

This is a redesign of my MLP based Canrusettuus species, or, rather a base of it, as more usually goes on canrusetti. I hope to put up a whole bio sheet about the species soon! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

Also, I greatly apologize if the overall picture is too small. That's because of editing and file size... ^^;
Geist (Pokmon OC)
Sorry for the long haitus, though I doubt many of you minded.

This is Geist. He is a shiny eevee who's one ambition is to evolve into a ghost type. He was originally from the Pokémon Daycare, with his mother being an Umbreon, and his father a Smeargle. He has a Quirky Nature, and is quite Mischievous. His ability is Run Away, and he uses it quite often to avoid fighting stronger pokémon.

He escaped his trainer after he attempting to force Geist into evolving into a Flareon at Level 15, purely to complete the eeveelution set rather than actual potential. This happened before Geist knew what he wanted to become, and his brothers and sisters had evolved- whether willingly or unwillingly- long before him. Geist bit his trainer's unarmed hand and escaped to an abandoned house filled with ghost type pokémon. There he discovered a piece of Reaper's Cloth. Upon placing the fabric over his head, the overwhelming rush of spiritual power gave him an epiphany. He enjoyed the feeling of spiritual growth inside him and felt he was destined to become a ghost type; determined to do whatever it took to become one.

Let me know what you guys think of his backstory, I could use the critiquing. :D


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